Result of "Creative Toys International Competition"

Total number of application and Prize-winning works

■Total number of application

70 artworks including 8 artworks from 5 foreign countries as 4 from Israel, each 1 from Iran, US, Ecuador, and Taiwan.
*Including Japanese applicant who live overseas and excluding foreign applicant who live in Japan.

■Prize-Winning works

14 artworks got a prize including foreign applicants as 2 from Israel.

Screenings/Jury members/Comments from jury members


First screening : May 23(Saturday)2015
Second screening : September 14(Monday)2015

■Jury members

OOMORI Masao Professor, Kyoto-Saga University of Art Graduate School
TANIUCHI Shinnosuke Professor,Department of Design,Fukui University of Technology
NAKATSUJI Etsuko Painter, picture book author
YOSHIDA Hiromi General Producer, KOBE Biennale 2013
WAKU Yozo Curator, Dougukan; President, Waku Method Promotion Association

■Comments from jury members on the First screening

  • The Competition has received an increasing number of entries both from Japan and overseas, many of which are substantial, utilizing a variety of materials and offering numerous methods of how to play.
  • The jury thinks that the Kobe Biennale is the only exhibition focusing more on unique toys, produced with great care and which can be played with in many ways at their users' discretion, than those which enable mass production as products. The jury is proud to have selected amazingly innovative and original works that cannot be seen in mass produced products.
  • With a broader variety of works having been submitted to the Competition, the jury looks forward to seeing toys that children can actually play with and simply enjoy. It also anticipates more kinetic and dynamic toys in future Competitions.

■Comments from jury members on the Second screening

  • The entries this year were very satisfying and high-quality overall, with great diversity, high level of workmanship, and originality.
  • The competition is unique in the world in that it brings together a wide array of works that include both toys applicable to mass-production and highly artistic one-offs.
  • I hope the highly original works that expand the notion of toys will be appreciated by a large number of visitors.
  • The entries reflect the year-on-year technical evolution of toys, but, on the other hand, I would also like to see works based on uncomplicated, creative ideas, which children can straightforwardly enjoy.

Exhibition period/Exhibition site

■Exhibition period

September 19 (Saturday) through November 23 (Monday), 2015 (66 days)

■Exhibition site

Meriken Park(Inside the event tent(s))

Prizes and cash awards

Kobe Biennale Grand Prize a trophy, diploma and cash award of ¥1,000,000
Second Prize diploma and cash award of ¥200,000
Special Prize(3) diploma and cash award of ¥30,000 for each winner
Encouragement Prize(2) diploma and cash award of ¥30,000 for each winner
Honorable mentions(7) diploma and cash award of ¥30,000 for each winner
  • First and second prize winners will be selected from the finalists at the second screening.