Koro con te

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Koro con te

These are toys that you can enjoy in various ways, for example by rolling, spinning, lining up, putting together, and assembling them, as well as putting one on top of another. In addition, you may display them as ornaments.

【Support / Cooperation】
Sawada Crafts Wanimokko

BABA  Takuya

BABA TakuyaAomori

He studies wood educational materials suitable for use in elementally and junior high school art classes, at the Graduate School of Hirosaki University. In addition, he creates illustrations and picture books.

Takuya BABA HOME PAGE http://taba0117.wix.com/online-photos-jp
facebook AKUBI NO ZIAKN https://www.facebook.com/AKUBINOZIKAN?ref=hl

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2014 Solo Exhibition “AKUBI NO ZIKAN” at Café rural in Soma, Aomori Pref.
    Solo Exhibition of picture books and illustrations at NARUMI Kaname Memorial Tobokan Museum in Hirosaki City, Aomori Pref.
    receives a prize at the 78th Shinseisaku Exhibition at the National Art Center, Tokyo
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