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This toy is a ramune (lemon soda) bottle-shaped, glass ball-dropping device. Do you like ramune bottles? How about ramune glass balls, or marbles? I am thinking of playing with ramune balls in Japan, the birthplace of ramune bottles.

SHIBUYA  Akihiro

SHIBUYA AkihiroTochigi

Completed a doctoral program at the Graduate School of the Arts, Bunsei University of Art, without taking a doctoral degree of the program


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2006 Solo Exhibition “The Glass ball Fetish” at Gallery Utsunomiya Nezumiana Hanano in Utsunomiya City
2007 Best Award in the 5th Graduation Work Exhibition of Oil Painting Course, Bunsei University of Art (Utsunomiya City)
2008 Solo Exhibition “Michi-no-iro, Yami-no-oto (color of road, sound of darkness)” at SPAZIO BRERA GINZA B1F Galleria2 in Tokyo
2012 Solo Exhibition “Beedama-rakkaon-kenkyusho (laboratory for sound of falling marbles) for 90 minutes OPEN!” at Bunsei University of Art Gallery in Utsunomiya City
    Solo Exhibition “Beedama-rakkaon-kenkyusho Pill +” at GALLERY IN THE BLUE in Utsunomiya City
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