The Cube of Suki

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The Cube of Suki

The four simple-shaped letters “S,” “U,” “K,” “I,” (“suki” means “love” in English) are made of wood blocks with a unit size of 3 cm. A 3 x 3 x 3 cube can be re-assembled into a flattish 3 x 9 cuboid. Players can create an unexpectedly wide variety of shapes with these blocks when liberating their minds.

KOMATSU Tsuyoshi

KOMATSU TsuyoshiNagano

Born in 1960. After studying social welfare, he opened his own woodworking shop.
He has served as a lecturer in various places, including Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto Technical College (Department of Woodworking), Shinshu University (Occupational Therapy Science) and the NHK program “Shumi-yu-yu.”
He wrote: “Omocha-bunko-o-Tsukuru (making wood toys)”(Sowa Publishing) and “Otona-ga-tsukutte-asobu-kino-omocha (Toy making for adults)” (co-authored) (NHK Publishing).


《Main exhibitions and awards》
1987 Asahi Creative Toy Competition Grand Prix (excellent idea category) (Tokyo)
1992 Japan Wood Craft Exhibition Grand Prix in Tamba City
2002 & 2004 Excellent Idea Prize in Tamba-no-mori Wood Craft Exhibition (Tamba City)
2013 Encouragement Prize in Creative Toys International Competition of Kobe Biennale 2013 (Kobe City)
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