Iro-Tsumiki (colored wooden blocks)

Special Prize

Iro-Tsumiki (colored wooden blocks)

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A set of wooden cubes. Each face of every cube is differently colored (six different tones per shade; six different shades per tone).
You can find a difference between bright and dark, strong and weak, and light and dark, pale and deep, even in the same color shade.


TAKEZAWA Aoi (FREEing CO.,LTD.)Kanagawa

Born in Saitama Pref.
An in-house designer designing various products.

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2010 Excellent Award in the 18th IRIS Design Concours
2012 Grand Prix in the category of “next ACTION” and J-WAVE Prize in the Konica Minolta Eco & Art Awards 2012
    Silver Prize in the category of “Realistic” of “LG Mobile Design Competition 2012”
2013 Grand Prix in “Kawasaki Industrial Design Competition 2013,” etc.
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