"Taiyo-no-rinne" (Reincarnation of the sun)

Second Prize

My current theme in creating works is “invisible power” and “connecting.” Our connection with life, the connection between this world and different worlds, the connection between people, and transcendence of time and space—all these are closely related to the sequence of actions when stacking up clay and forming it by hand. I have found the primitive power of life in beautiful shapes of ceramics. In this work, I put together ceramic material, which lasts forever, with iron, which rusts away sooner or later, to make a form. This work represents the limits of modern civilization created with the advent of metal tools, and our primal spirit that places special emphasis on fire and earth. This work has given me an opportunity to consider which way to go in the present world.

HASHIMOTO TomonariIshikawa

1990 Born in Wakayama Pref.
2014 Completed Ceramic Course of Research Institute of Art and Design, Graduate School of Kanazaswa College of Art
Present Studies Ceramics in Craftwork Course in Doctoral Degree Program, Graduate School of Kanazawa College of Art

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2013 Award for Excellence for sculpture genre in the 67th Wakayama Prefectural Art Exhibition, Wakayama City
2014 The 10th International Ceramics Competition Mino at Ceramics Park Mino, Tajimi City
2014 Mayor’s Prize for applied fine arts genre in Kyoten, Kyoto City
2014 The Hagi Taishou (Grand Prix) of Contemporary Ceramics III at the Hagi Uragami Museum, Hagi City
2015 Hashimoto Tomonari x Harada Masafumi Exhibition, “Linkage of Signs” at Toiyamachi Studio, Kanazawa City
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