Modern Remains Polyhedron

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Modern Remains Polyhedron

I coined the term “Modern Remains.” I wanted to create a work which looks like attractive remains. When creating this work, I first created an object composed of regular tetragons arranged geometrically, which give a modern and artificial image to the work. Then I degraded part of it to add a touch of “weathering” (representing a period of elapsed time). This work shows the beautiful time that has elapsed between ancient and modern times. I hope that viewers will feel it. The breaking down of a man-made object will generate openings, or suki in Japanese. Suki will create a thing of beauty.


1977 Born in Hyogo Pref.
2001 Graduated from the Ceramic Course in the Crafts Department, Osaka University of Arts
2003 Graduated from Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2007 Exhibited at SOFA New York and Chicago (06) from Keiko Gallery
2010 Exhibited “Creation of Contemporary Japan” at the exhibition hosted by Camard & Associes, Paris, France
2013 – 2014 “Youthful Energy of Japanese Ceramics” at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée Paris, France and at Galerie IAC Berlin-Königswinter in Germany
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