Result of "SHITSURAI ART International Competition"

Total number of application and Prize-winning works

■Total number of application

40 artworks including 8 artworks from 7 foreign countries as 2 from Israel and each 1 from the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherland, Rumania, Singapore and Hong Kong.
*Including Japanese applicant who live overseas and excluding foreign applicant who live in Japan.

■Prize-Winning works

10 artworks got a prize including foreign applicants each from Israel, Germany and Singapore.

Screenings/Jury members/Comments from jury members


First screening : March 23(Monday)2015
Second screening : September 15(Tuesday)2015

■Judge members

OOMORI Masao Professor, Graduate School of Kyoto Saga University of Arts
OCHI Yujiro Director, Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
SHINGU Susumu Sculptor
TAHO Ritsuko Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, at Tokyo University of the Arts
YOSHIDA Hiromi General Producer, KOBE Biennale 2015

■Comments from jury members on the First screening

  • This year, I was particularly impressed with works by overseas artists that have a significant impact. I am looking forward to seeing how the finalist works will look when completed.
  • The category of shitsurai art is challenging since the works will be installed temporarily but should be sufficiently durable to resist wind pressure and other conditions to which they may be exposed during the exhibition. Nevertheless, I found that many of the proposals submitted were well-elaborated.
  • Many people may imagine that Meriken Park is favorably located. In actuality, however, the Park is located in a place exposed to strong winds. Therefore the artworks to be installed outdoors must be highly durable. When artists build their artworks in the actual settings, I hope that they will flexibly respond to the situations in the exhibition site, and their works will be changed in a positive way.

■Comments from jury members on the Second screening

  • This year's entries included greater numbers of works that successfully incorporated aspects of Kobe, where they were installed, giving me the impression that perhaps the notion of "shitsurai art" is gaining wider acceptance. The overall quality of entries was extremely satisfying, with many works equipped with the unique appeal of temporary, as opposed to permanent, display.
  • The work chosen for the Grand Prize successfully embraced its transient nature by avoiding anything over-finished, and enabled direct interaction between the viewer, the artwork and its location in the Port of Kobe.
  • Both the Grand Prize winner and runner-up were successful in capturing the lightheartedness associated with the competition theme "suki."

Exhibition period/Exhibition site

■Exhibition period

September 19th, Saturday to November 23rd, Monday (66days)

■Exhibition site

Meriken Park

Prizes and cash awards

Kobe Biennale Grand Prize a trophy, diploma (certificate) and cash award of ¥2,000,000
Second Prize diploma (certificate) and cash award of ¥1,000,000
Special Prize(1) diploma and cash award of ¥350,000
Encouragement Prize(2) diploma and cash award of ¥350,000 for each winner
Honorable mentions (5) diploma and cash award of ¥350,000 for each winner
  • *First and second prize winners will be selected from the finalists at the second screening.