Sails / Cubes / Tilted tea-ceremony rooms

Encouragement Prize

Sails / Cubes / Tilted tea-ceremony rooms

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The three cubes appear as if washed up in the harbor from the sea. These cubes look like the sails of a ship spreading under the sunshine. Each of them also resembles a tilted tea-ceremony room. In accordance with the changes of the light inside the cubes, this work serves as a venue for impressive encounters.

【Support / Cooperation】
Shibamura Structural Engineers Nishizawa Co., Ltd.

ASANO kotoaki

ASANO kotoakiKanagawa

Born in Tokyo, 1972. After Graduated Master of Architecture Course at Tokyo University, faculty of engineering department, established ASANO Kotoaki architectural design office in 2005.

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2009 Listed in final screening of “14th NAKAHARA Chuya Awards”
          got “41th YOKOHAMA Poet Awards”
2010 Winning at “SD Review 2010”
2012 Winning at “44th Chubu Architecture Awards”
2013 “Architectural Institute of Japan Rookie of the year Awards”
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