The Walls and Silhouettes ~go beyond space-time

Second Prize

The Walls and Silhouettes ~go beyond space-time

*The images of works are those at the time of application. These images may be different from the actual exhibits.

Silhouettes of certain locations are cut into seven polished steel plates. These plates also bear the coordinates of the original locations and the time when these locations were photographed. Visitors can enjoy orienteering, to locate and actually visit these sites to take pictures with their cameras and other devices, so as to compare these pictures with the silhouettes on the steel plates.

【Support / Cooperation】
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MORITA TaishoSaitama

Born in Tokyo, 1977. Since 1979 to 1982 lived in Mexico. In 2006 graduated Tokyo Art University. From 2010 to 2015, worked for Sculpture department of Tokyo Art University as a part-time teacher.


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2001 Salon de Printemps Awards
2006 Nomura Art Prize of Nomura Foundation
2011 Encouragement awards of Kobe Biennale 2011, SHITSURAI Art International
2012 Excellent awards at Kawagoe Triennale Sculpture department
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