The day to collect rainbows

Encouragement Prize

The day to collect rainbows

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How long ago did I last speak the words “dream” and “hope”? Now I find myself living every day with fading dreams or hopes. I also find that I have not said “I like (suki) myself” for many years. I thought that there would be no tomorrow full of brilliant lights. However, I wish to go out to collect rainbows if the rain stops! Though I don’t know the reason why, today I’m able to think so.

【Support / Cooperation】
Makoto Kobayashi

KIM Tebon

KIM TebonEhime

Born in Ehime. After graduated Architectural Association School of Architecture(AA School), created experimental installation and public art. Joined in Setouchi International Art Festival 2013, Tokushima LED Art Festival 2013, Water and Ground Art festival. Now work for Architecture Education Department of Tokyo Art University as a research assistant.


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2013 “A whisper from small island” at Setouchi International Art Festival, Ibuki island
2014 “Filled – Upon the Ueno station- (Michiru – Ueno eki no ue)” at Ueno Station Break Station Gallery, Tokyo
          “Dragonfly pull an oar (Yagura wo Kogu Tonbo)” at outfield sculpture project”SITE2014”
          “KATAKANAYATAI”at World Script Symposia 2014, Seoul
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