Karawa (Empty circles)

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Karawa (Empty circles)

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After being used to cover LAN cables, polypropylene (PP) fibers are destined to be disposed of as industrial waste. This work recycles used PP fibers in various colors to express a “white rainbow,” a phenomenon of the sky, placed on the ground. The artist hopes that these circles of air and light will serve as a refreshing landmark in Meriken Park.

【Support / Cooperation】
inoueindustries inc., SUZUKI KAKO Inc



Born in Chiba, 1982. After graduated Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University in 2006 and postgraduate course of Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University in 2008, entered ITO Toyo & Associates, Architects. In 2015, established TAKAIKE Yoko Architects Office.

facebook https://www.facebook.com/yoko.takaike.1

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2003 Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo
2004 Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo
2006 “J.S.B Awards” at J.S.B Co., sponsored “One-room living for one living” competition
2007 Most Excellent Prize at Haseko Co., sponsored “condominium for 300 people” competition, Tokyo
          excellent prize at Kumamoto prefecture sponsored “Mokuban R2” competition.
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