Never-ending Story

Encouragement Prize

Never-ending Story

Display of the entire work.

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When seen from a distance, the assembly of apparently incomplete, incomprehensible details presents a pair of courting Java sparrows, which also form part of a huge heart. The painting expresses the wish for thousands of years of peace, like the chirping sound [“chiyo” in Japanese, which also means “thousands of years”] of Java sparrows.

【Support / Cooperation】
Cooperated by UEMATU ART MATERIAL SHOP , White leaves , Masanori Hayashi


TACHIO MizukiChiba

1998 Joint “Kaleidoscope Exhibition” by eight artists, at Setagaya Art Museum Gallery (Tokyo)
2001 completes Japanese Painting Course, Graduate School of Painting, Tama Art University
    solo exhibition at GALERIA RASEN in Kunitachi (Tokyo)
2005 solo exhibition at O Gallery UP.s. and Gallery Ju-ichi gatsu, in Ginza (Tokyo)
2011 solo exhibition at Gallery Mominoki Garo in Jiyugaoka (Tokyo)

《Main exhibitions and awards》
1998 International TAKIFUJI Art Award
2000 Honorable Mention in Sankeien Garden Japanese Painting Awards
2002 HOSHINO Shingo Prize at Triennale Competition in Toyohashi (Yokohama)
2014 3rd Public Contribution Exhibition by Artist Group Kaze, at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Ueno)
2015 receives a prize in Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award “Face” Exhibition (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
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