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Organic plant forms are employed as motifs for visualizing the fire of life, in which I see human beauty, ugliness, simplicity, complexity, life and death. Containing such dualities in a single image, the work converts into a contemporary painting an eclectic world combining Japanese and Western elements, such as sensual forms, calligraphic strokes, smooth blacks, and oily colors.

【Support / Cooperation】

KIKUYA Satoshi

KIKUYA SatoshiIshikawa

Born in Wakkanai City, Hokkaido, in 1989.
After completing Graduate School of Kanazawa College of Art in 2012, he began to work in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Pref.
His works have been exhibited in various exhibitions, including the 18th Okamoto Taro Memorial Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition in 2015, Fan de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2014—Rainbow’s Foot, and OUTRANGE 2010. He currently specializes in oil paintings with a motif of a wide variety of things, mainly plants and landscapes.


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2010 “OUTRANGE 2010” at Bumpodo Gallery (Tokyo)
2011 “Nomadic circus troupe” at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
2014 receives a prize at the 18th Okamoto Taro Memorial Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition (in the joint name of Tatsushi KIKUYA and Yudai SHII)
    “Rainbow’s Foot—Reflecting Process” Exhibition at Nagoya Citizens Gallery Yada (Aichi Pref.)
    “Tatsushi KIKUYA & Kunio FUKUDA Exhibition” at Galleria Finarte (Aichi Pref.)
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