Longing for Past

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Longing for Past

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This abstract work suggestive of a mental image employs lacquer and oils to create textural and spatial effects that marry both Japanese and Western elements, and evoke distant memories.


USUKI Hideyuki

USUKI HideyukiKanagawa

Born in 1958 in Tokyo. After graduating from the Oil Painting Course, Department of Painting, Tama Art University, he taught art at public schools in Tokyo and then started his career as a professional painter.
He has held many solo and group exhibitions and joined a variety of art fairs in Japan (about 80 solo exhibitions).
He has participated in many overseas exhibitions (France, US, Belgium, China, Armenia, and Bangladesh)
He has created many installations under the name of Art Unit HUST (for BIWAKO BIENNALE, Asuka Art Project, etc.)
He has presented many works as an art staff member for NHK dramas and movies.

HOME PAGE http://www.usuki-hideyuki.com
facebook https://ja-jp.facebook.com/hideartonlyone

《Main exhibitions and awards》
1984 – 2015 over 100 solo exhibitions (at galleries, hotels, department stores, etc. in Ginza and other various places)
2009 Japanese Artist Exhibition at National Center for Contemporary Art, in the Republic of Armenia
2010 “Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts (decorative art prize)” at SNBA Salon 2010, in Paris
    Japonisme Moderne in the basement hall of the Louvre
2013 ART GENT at Flanders Expo Gent, in Belgium
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