Result of "Green art Competition"

Total number of application and Prize-winning works

■Total number of application

46 artworks.

■Prize-Winning works

6 artworks.

Screenings/Jury members/Comments from jury members


First screening : May 13(Wednesday)2015
Second screening : September 15(Tuesday)2015

■Jury members

ISHIHARA Kenichirô Director, Hyogo Parks and Horticulture Association; Director-General, Community Center for Garden and Greenery Promotion
OOMORI Masao Professor, Kyoto-Saga University of Art Graduate School
TAHO Ritsuko Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, at Tokyo University of the Arts
YOSHIDA Hiromi General Producer, KOBE Biennale 2015
WAKUI Shiro Landscape architect; Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Information Studies, Tokyo City University

■Comments from jury members on the First screening

  • This is the 4th Green Art Competition, and I feel that the entries are becoming richer in content each time. This time we have a good balance of finalists representing different types of works, ranging from works of pure fine art and works engaging with plants from unconventional perspectives, to works with architectural elements and works incorporating scientific viewpoints.
  • I greatly look forward to seeing the completed installations, because we are blessed with finalists representing diverse aspects of urban life, such as urban landscaping, biodiversity, and green facades, which are also relevant to the theme of community building, as well as Japanese aesthetic and cultural traditions, global environmental issues, and interior and lifestyle design.
  • I look forward to adventurous works unique to Kobe Biennale that have no precedents elsewhere.

■Comments from jury members on the Second screening

  • The competition received many fine works that were not mere landscaping but vehicles communicating messages about the environment, and ideas such as the artist's view of nature, and contrast between nature and civilization.
  • Works employing traditional landscaping techniques drew fresh attention to traditional Japanese aesthetics and skills. How to modernize and update such elements while preserving and expressing their uniquely Japanese identity in this increasingly globalized age is, I believe, a very important question we face.
  • Although the finalist works were invariably highly accomplished, the work awarded the Grand Prize was exceptional in that it successfully incorporated other branches of art, and suggested new directions for green art, which we found profoundly inspiring.

Exhibition period/Exhibition site

■Exhibition period

September 19 (Saturday) through November 23 (Monday), 2015 (66 days)

■Exhibition site


Prizes and cash awards

Kobe Biennale Grand Prize a trophy, diploma and cash award of ¥1,000,000
Special Prize(2) diploma and cash award of ¥200,000 for each winner
Honorable mentions(3) diploma and cash award of ¥200,000 for each winner
  • First and second prize winners will be selected from the finalists at the second screening.