Kobe Biennale Grand Prize

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By symbolically representing natural elements such as the seasonal coloring of leaves and a murmuring stream, which suggest a landscape abounding with nature inherited from previous generations, the installation proposes a space for the coexistence of humans and nature, and for the constant, close appreciation of unspoiled nature.

【Support / Cooperation】
KITAZAWA ZOUEN.Landscape Gardening Office YOSHIDA.Furniture+Woodwork.Corp CARVE.Architecture+Design PHOTO YAMAGUCHI ISHII Tatami mat shop Forestry Cooperative Kyoto Keihoku Nakagawa-Glass Co.,Ltd.



The third generation owner of a landscaping company in Kyoto, he always tries to build gardens with a fine mixture of man-made and natural, by making use of traditional techniques. He received a special award as a representative of Kyoto Prefecture, at the Japan Landscaping Skill Competition in 2014

kitazawa-zouen HOME PAGE http://kitazawa-zouen.kyoto.jp

【YOSHIDA Makoto】
After working at an apparel maker, he learned woodworking at Nagano Prefecture Agematsu Technical College. In 2003, he opened the woodworking shop Yoshida Mokko in Kyoto (Keihoku-cho, Ukyo-ku). He annually holds exhibitions of his wood works at Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store, while creating custom-made furniture and designing/making stores and their furniture, mainly of natural wood.

Yoshida-Mokkho HOME PAGE http://yoshidamakoto.jp/
Yoshida-Mokkho facebook https://www.facebook.com/yoshidamokkou?pnref=lhc
YOSHIDA Makoto facebook https://www.facebook.com/makoto.yoshida.71

《Main exhibitions and awards》
Special award as a representative of Kyoto, at the Japan Landscaping Skill Competition in 2014

【YOSHIDA Makoto】
Annual exhibition of his wood works at Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store
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