Result of "Art in a Container International Competition"

Total number of application and Prize-winning works

■Total number of application

114 artworks including 22 artworks from 12 foreign countries as 7 from Germany, 3 from US, 2 from Israel, 2 from Spanish, and each 1 from Ecuador, Finland, Rumania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Indonesia, Singapore , and Hong Kong.
*Including Japanese applicant who live overseas and excluding foreign applicant who live in Japan.

■Prize-Winning works

15 artworks got a prize including foreign applicants each from Germany, Finland, Romania, Ecuador.

Screenings/Jury members/Comments from jury members


First screening : March 27(Friday) 2015
Second screening : September 16(Wednesday) 2015

■Jury members

Yong-woo Lee President of International Biennale Association (IBA)
MINO Yutaka Director, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Arts
SAKAMURA Ken Professor, the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo
NAKAYA Hide Chief Commentator at NHK
SUZUKI Taro Media artist, Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
YOSHIDA Hiromi General Producer, KOBE Biennale 2015

■Comments from jury members on the First screening

  • I enjoyed the process of screening, because of the wide variety of entries. Although all of the submitted works were interesting, it seemed to me that individual artists' ability to present their concept sheets was one contributing factor that influenced the jury's evaluation.
  • This year, Kobe Biennale is holding the 5th edition of the Art in a Container International Competition. I have an impression that the overall level of the entries is rising, and a large number of works were very well-presented.
  • This year's exhibition will be open during the nighttime only. For this reason, some works were designed for compatibility with the nighttime landscapes and conditions.
  • As this competition have been held several times, a certain pattern can be observed in submitted works, while some works have reached a high degree of perfection. However, I also hope to see artists create more innovative works.
  • In the past competitions, most works focused on appealing to the sense of sight and hearing. However, among works submitted this year, I could find some pieces focusing on the sense of touch, which broadened the variety of entries. I expect that wonderful works will be completed.

■Comments from jury members on the second screening

  • Each year more of the entries seem to successfully leverage the unique characteristics of shipping containers. Artists this year have invariably demonstrated their artistic sensibilities to the full by applying their artistry to the long, narrow space of the containers, achieving excellent works that reflect their efforts. Many of the works by overseas artists carried powerful messages, while works of Japanese artists impressed me as being more about their own sensibility.
  • The work chosen for the Grand Prize demonstrated a good understanding of the properties of the freight container. It was a highly accomplished work, delightful to behold, and compelling. The work was not only based on a solid concept but was also successful in conveying that idea clearly to the visiting public.
  • All of the finalists were good enough for the Grand Prize, but then none was a clear winner. Perhaps we needed more spirited works overall. From young artists especially, I look forward to works that are not afraid to express social messages.

Exhibition period/Exhibition site

■Exhibition period

September 19(Saturday) through November 1 (Sunday), 2015 (about 44 days)

■Exhibition site

Higashi Yuenchi Park(nighttime only)

Prizes and cash awards

Kobe Biennale Grand Prize a trophy, diploma and cash award of ¥3,000,000
Second Prize diploma and cash award of ¥1,000,000
Special Prize(1) diploma and cash award of ¥350,000
Encouragement Prize(2) diploma and cash award of ¥350,000 for each winner
Honorable mentions (10) diploma and cash award of ¥350,000 for each winner
  • First and second prize winners will be selected from the finalists at the second screening.