Love Vibe Inside 3D

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Love Vibe Inside 3D

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Immerse yourself in 3D fractal world. Only One painting and black light, inside the misterious space of just regular container. Almost infinite LoveLand';s panorama full of small universes that turns 3-dimensional in black light. Painting is 24 meters long and 1,5meter width.

Max Love 333

Max Love 333Ecuador

Born in 1976 in Poland, multimedia artist (paintings, photos, drawings, sculptures & video). In 2008 admitted on painting faculty on University of Zielona Gora (Poland), worked with mentors - Lee Staicy(sculpture), Kazimierz Lukasz Zywuszko (sculpture), Davide Coltro (photo).Inspired by Nature & Light & Sacred Plants.Lived in Italy, Spain, Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Mauritius and Ecuador (resident).Visited more then 40 countries.Author of 8 books based on personal life experiences.


《Main exhibitions》
2009 PornArt – Gallery PWW, Zielona Gora (Poland) – solo exhibition
2011 Synchronicity – Gallery BWA, Zielona Gora (Poland) – collective exhibition
2013 LoveLand – Vargas Gallery – Miami, USA – collective exhibition

《Main Awards》
2008 3rd place - City postcard, Lubsko, Poland
          Honorable mention, Polish Folk design product by Cepelia
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