Music dance (β)

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Music dance (β)

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Originally, dance is defined as moving your body in time to music. This definition does not apply to this work, in which music is played as a result of your body motion. For this reason, this work does not fall within the scope of business prescribed in Article 2, paragraph (iii) of the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses, and thus can be operated lawfully.

【Support / Cooperation】
Core Concept Technologies Inc.

Japan PARTY Party

Japan PARTY PartyTokyo

Japan PARTY Party was established at the event “MUSICIANS’ HACKATHON” which musicians and hackers (programmer engineers) compete their technological developments and skills in music scene. Participants form teams on the event day and must bring out the demo music within 24 hours. Under such limit, Japan PARTY Party, their number got the highest award which is a basis of their applying artwork “MUSIC DANCE” for Kobe Biennale 2015.
Party is composed of members from WATANABE Takashi, musician and ex-member of music band “NIRGILIS” IWATA Acchu, producer of technological book IWASAKA Takehiro, freelance programmer KATAOKA Haruka

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2014 “MUSICIANS’ HACKATHON” Highest award (Tokyo)
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