The Screen (in-out, up-down)

Special Prize

The Screen (in-out, up-down)

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The work is composed of
・two glass lenses , technically realized from melted plain glass, isolated and filled with water. The glass object is supported by a metal frame made of aluminum or iron bars.
・ Video projection that requires a projector and a screen( the projected video shows a looping image of a wild horse)

Pal Peter

Pal PeterRomania

1989 Graduated from University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania
1998~2002 teacher in the High school of Arts Tg-Mures, Romania
Since 2001 works in the field of mural painting restoration.
2003~2006 collaborating teacher at the Sapientia University Tg-Mures, Romania
2012 awarded with the“Munkácsy” prize, by the Hungarian government


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2011 ArtGranary, International Exhibition at Aggtelek National Park, Hungary
          "Korkep 11" – International Art Camp and exhibition at Lazarea, Romania
          Re-Modernologio Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori, Japan
2013 SEGMENT 9 - 53 Art Museum in Guangzhou, China
          Encouragement Prize , Kobe Biennale 2013 Shitsurai Art International , Kobe, Japan
          SEGMENT 8 - Hungarian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Galeria Amarte Maroma, Mexico
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