Ox-drawn Carriage designed with the motif of Mount Fuji

Second Prize

Ox-drawn Carriage designed with the motif of Mount Fuji

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Each of the four wooden wheels reflected in the mirror is approximately 540 cm in diameter. The wheels are designed with a motif of Mount Fuji. An ox-drawn carriage equipped with these wheels will have a height corresponding to that of two containers stacked one atop the other. This huge vehicle will slowly advance through today’s uncertain world, while looking into the future.

【Support / Cooperation】
Taira Ichikawa-type movement light equipment


ISHIGAMI KazuhiroShizuoka

Born in Shizuoka City in 1966. After graduated Sculpture department of Musashino Art University, creating wooden and FRP based sculptures. In “Megururi Art Shizuoka 2015”, faced own wooden sculpture cow to real cow next to studio.

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2013 Personal exhibition “BPTANICOW” at Kinza Botanila, Shizuoka
2014 Personal exhibition “FUJI-KEI” at Maki Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo
          Personal exhibition “POTATOCHIPS/MAN” at Genda- Haitsu Gallery Den, Tokyo
          FUJINOYAMA BIENNALE 2014 , Shizuoka
2015 “Megururi Art Shizuoka” at Shizuoka prefectural museum, Shizuoka
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