Close together--Handrail

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Close together--Handrail

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Handrails that we see in everyday life are tools that not only support people’s mobility, but also help people walk on roads and serve as a guide for walkers. In a darkened container, visitors will move with their eyes closed, based on the feel and information obtained from the handrail. Visitors will appreciate this work not through their sense of sight, but by their senses of touch, hearing and smell.

【Support / Cooperation】
Tanabe Co., Ltd Mazroc Co., Ltd ARAO CO.,LTD. KVS Kobe Eyelight Association KITANO HOSPITAL Shinji Tsuda Masahiro Inoue

KOTANI Masahiro+Kinki Low Vision ResearchSociety

KOTANI Masahiro+Kinki Low Vision ResearchSocietyKobe-city

Working at Kitano Hospital as an orthoptist. Engaging in research and inspection in Kinki Low Vision ResearchSociety. In 1997, met HORIO Sadaharu, TSUBAKIZAKI Kazuo, OHTA Taeko, AKANISHI Masami and SHIMIZU Koumei, joined in “TAKAHATA”. In 1989, managed interior of general store “paramount on parade” at Sakae-machi in Kobe city.

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2004 Personal exhibition “masahiro kotani photos exhibition” at Peace Mother Café, Osaka
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