builds crowd

Encouragement Prize

builds crowd

*The images of works are those at the time of application. These images may be different from the actual exhibits.

Various buildings that we can find in the town are miniaturized, and each miniature building lights up a small light. A collection of these small lights will provide a fantastic, attractive illumination, just like the energetic city of Kobe.

KURI Mayumi

KURI MayumiTokyo

After graduated Tokyo Gakugei University art education postgraduate course. She started creating artworks using metallic materials. Recent years she create 3D artworks using light and electric materials.


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2011 “Tokyo Midtown Award” at Tokyo midtown, Tokyo
2013 LED Art festival 2013 at Shinmachi Ryogoku, Tokushima
          Setouchi International Art Festival 2013 at Otokogi Island, Kagawa
2014 “17th Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Awards” at Okamoto Taro museum, Kawasaki
          “Oodate Kita-Akita Art Festival 2014” at Oomachi, Tokyo
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