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The video installation „Wutbuerger“ deals with the anger and personal individual failure of a German biography of the present. In a pre-recorded performance the protagonist Stefan W. (an "Everyman") undergoes different stages of his life in retrospective. The viewer experiences the illusion of a present play which addresses him directly for action.

Andreas Lutz and Christoph Gruenberger

Andreas Lutz and Christoph GruenbergerGermany

【Andreas Lutz (*1981 in West-Germany)】
graduated from UoAS Offenburg in Media and Information Science and works in the experimental field of design, interaction and sound. He focuses on human-computer-interaction and their alternative and artistic uses. Among this projects he gives talks and lectures on interdisciplinary design.

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2010 iF Communication Design Award Winner – Frankfurt
          Webby Award Winner – New York
2012 Group Exhibition – Campus Party Europe - Berlin
2013 Group Exhibition – ZKM Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe
2014 Group Exhibition – PFF 6th London Arts Festival – London
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