Brain Liberation

Encouragement Prize

Brain Liberation

Display of the entire work.

I attempted a full-color analog illustration themed on the liberation of my own brain. I incorporated a wide range of motifs, including a girl, a gas mask, a machine, games, pixel art, and color, to express my favorite things and points of departure.

Aka Zukin

Aka ZukinOsaka

Digital-analog illustrator. In addition to participating in exhibitions and spot-sale events (COMITIA) around Osaka, Aka Zukin also posts and sells works on the web. The works, based on female characters, are equipped with mechanic, fetishistic and otaku tastes. Appeared in the magazine “SS” (small s) Vol. 35 (December issue) and Vol 37 (June issue), published by Asukashinsha Co., Ltd.


《Main exhibitions and awards》
2011 Encouragement Prize for advancement works at Osaka Sogo College of Design (Osaka)
2011 Exhibition by second year students majoring in comic art at Osaka Sogo College of Design “img ~ kokoroo egaku~”(drawing hearts) at Irorimura (Osaka)
2014 TAMARIBA EXHIBITION “Gijinka-ten” (personification exhibition) at TAMARIBA (Kyoto)
2014 “Genso-sekai-no-junin-ten” (exhibition of the residents in the world of fantasy) at Gallery Fuchoan (Kyoto)
2015 “Analogfish–genga-hanbai-sokubaiten–” (exhibition and spot-sale of original pictures) at SUNABA GALLERY (Osaka)
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