Space time

Special Prize

Space time

Display of the entire work.

The work is a work named Aurora, a part of a 190-page SF fantasy graphic novel I created. Space time = Point of transcendence The above picture is page 110 out of a 190 pages of a SF Fantasy graphic novel I just completed, called OUREA.

Corinne Gosset

Corinne GossetFrance

Corinne Gosset has lived her life as an graphic artist and is multi faceted in many mediums. As an illustrator she made covers for some great science fictions writers. She has evolved as an artist in the digital age. Being highly sensitized to her environment , Ourea, graphic novel (7 pages presented here), is a possible scenario to the question that was asked to Bill Gates: "How much of an existential threat do you think machine superintelligence will be?"

《Main exhibitions and awards》
2 Exhibitions: 1 in Paris & 1 in Copenhagen.
Présence du futur (Paris)
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